Trauma and

There’s few things more anxiety-provoking than the work of mid-life. You’re coming to the end of caring
for your children, but now you have to let them go into the world and can no longer protect them.
Your parents now, in many ways, become your new children, and you have to care for them in ways you
never imagined.
Uncertainty while waiting for your own medical tests, or that doctor appointment tomorrow can keep
you up nights.
Or you may have growing worries about your financial situations and how you will manage during
Although these are normal parts of getting older, it doesn’t change the fact that we feel anxiety from
them and they can be traumatizing.
When things happen fast, and we don’t have time to process it all, trauma can set in, and it can seem
impossible to move beyond the worst part of our fears.
Or it can also be a slow build where that one last thing to go wrong has made it all too much to handle.
While it’s normal to have some anxiety from time to time, it should mostly motivate you to take action
and problem-solve.
If you find that you are paralyzed and can’t make decisions, you are obsessing about things instead of
taking action, or ways you’ve been trying to cope with the anxiety aren’t making it better, it may be time
to get some help.
You don’t have remain paralyzed and hope some day for it to end. It can get better right now, in the
As your therapist, I will help you manage the physical and psychological effects of anxiety and trauma. I
will help you move beyond the paralysis, and find the courage to take the steps to get on sturdier