Get Back To YOU

You don't need to start over... It's about getting Back to You

I've Been There And I Understand You

I’m passionate helping others move through the tasks of midlife so that they can achieve balance, meaning, and satisfaction with their lives. Sometimes called the Sandwich Generation, people of this age need someone to understand the issues unique to this age, and how to best help them. These people are the caregivers of aging parents, the empty-nest parents, burn-out from career and work, divorce, or are people who are experiencing medical issues, to name a few.


My Focus

The problems of middle-age or mid-life, are not easy- the children are growing up and leaving, parents are aging and you are their caregivers, to name a few. Meanwhile, your career is changing, or is in need of a change, intimacy has new challenges, and you might have a few new medical issues of your own. All of these, especially if you are experiencing more than one, can lead to feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed out. Who is taking care of you? And when there’s still so much to do, how do you get the energy to carry on?    

My Practice

You need someone to get to know you as a unique person, not just a diagnosis or a category of problems. You need someone who is patient and non-judgemental, and who will treat you with professionalism and respect. With 25 years experience helping people achieve mental wellness, I can provide the arena you need for you life to improve.

My Promise

What you are going through matters to me and I can help. I promise to be there every step of the way. Contact me at 727-482-1413 for a free phone consultation to get your journey to wellness started.