Career and work issues in mid-life are different than at the start or the end of your career. 

It is a time when you have worked long enough that most of your work experience is in one area, which means that you may have less options for lateral changes. You can either advance in your current career, or start over at a lower level in a different career. Either option is valid, and each has it’s own stressors.

It may also be that your work has been outsourced and you have to find different work, or it’s changed so much that you don’t enjoy it anymore. 

It could be that you are just ready for a change, feeling stuck, trapped, under-appreciated, and overwhelmed about your work can take its toll on your physical health and your relationships. 

Because work is directly linked to our livelihood, changes in our work life can cause major stress. Even positive changes such as a promotion can be more stress than we bargained for. Needs regarding work stress are individual, and depend on the situation.

As your therapist, I will help you identify the specific causes of your stress and come up with ways to manage it. I will help you make the changes you want with your work life, be it promotion, complete career change, or being more satisfied with where you currently are.