Grief, Loss, and

We normally think of grief in terms of the loss of a loved one, especially if we’ve been a caregiver. But grief comes in many forms. It can be grief for the loss of your role as a parent as your child becomes an adult and your relationship changes.

It can be grief for the loss of some of the abilities that you used to have but are gone now because of age, fractured marriage or relationship, or career options. 

It can be grief for missed or neglected opportunities and life choices that are now too late to pursue or return to. 

It could be a combination of all of these things which can make you feel like you have lost everything. 

Even if you haven’t suffered any of these losses, you can still feel depressed. Stress can go on for too long. Even positive changes such as a promotion or a new home, can make you feel depressed from the loss of the familiar. 

Grief is normally debilitating for a time, and depression and loss can be debilitating too. It doesn’t have to remain that way. You may never lose the pain of your loss, but it’s still possible to move forward with your life despite. 

As your therapist, I will go at your speed to grieve, honor and remember your losses and loves. I will help move through painful emotions by celebrating with you loves and opportunities now over, I will help you to build a new path in your life that honors those losses while you build new create new meaning in your life.