About Me

I love to get to know people
and help them to be
their best selves

I am a counselor because
I love to see people grow

You are a priority to me

About Me

I've been there too...

I’m passionate helping others move through the tasks of midlife so that they can achieve balance, meaning, and
satisfaction with their lives.
Sometimes called the Sandwich Generation, people of this age need someone to understand the issues unique to
this age, and how to best help them.
These people are the caregivers of aging parents, the empty-nest parents, burn-out from career and work, divorce,
or are people who are experiencing medical issues, to name a few.

How my Passion Developed

Within a short period of time, I became a caregiver for my terminally ill father, my son was in his late teens and
struggling, and I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.
At the same time, I was preparing to expand my career.
What I wanted for myself and what I felt I had to do were at odds.
My anxiety went up, my confidence went down, and everything got harder.
I had gotten away from who I was, or who I knew myself to be.
I knew that a refocus on myself was what was going to help me to manage my medical issues, move beyond my
father’s passing, and also my changing role as a mother, and to help me expand my career.

How I live my passion as a therapist

As a therapist, I was already aware of the tools available to help me to get back on track.
As I started applying these tools to my life, I got positive feedback from others about the changes they saw in me.
I felt better, my confidence grew, and I was more like myself again.
I then realized that others could benefit from a specific set of tools to deal with issues similar to mine.
I have developed these tools and now share them with others in their struggles to refocus or rebuild their lives.

How I will help you

I think the most important role of a therapist is to be your companion for your self-discovery, or better put, re-
discovery. I believe that when you are able to refocus on who you are, to you own purpose and meaning, you are able to
know what to do next. You have the answers within you, and I will help you to know where to look.

I will help you to Get Back to You.